Hurricane Prep

  • Install and Remove shutters
  • Boarding Up/Tie Down
  • Lock & Secure

Hurricane Recovery

  • Property Clean-Up
  • Debris & Tree Removal
  • Dry in and Cover
  • Detail Reports and Pictures
    (Ins. Claims)
  • Other Disasters

  • Fire
  • Water Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Accident
  • We can help you recover from any emergency

    Hurricane services are just one of the many services provided by our company. We are limited to the number of homes & business we can prep for hurricanes. This service usually starts five days prior to the storm's projected landfall. The last 10 hours our employees are sent home to protect their property.

    We do our best to secure and protect your property. We assume no liability against a hurricane. We promise to install and secure your shutters or window protection correctly. We will perform our duties fast, professionally and proficiently. We will return as fast as possible to reopen your home and return your property back to normal.

    After the storm, we handle more than most contractors. We take customers as they call, our customers that are under contract with us are opened as they call or as directed. Our services are vast, when you are not sure, ask. In the event that we can not provide the services ourselves we can recommend a qualified company that can.